Residential and Commercial Dumpster Services


Blue Hill Disposal has served the Blue Hill Peninsula area for over 30 years. Owner/operator, Josh Gray has one goal: to deliver quality, value, and, most of all, service. Today, Blue Hill Disposal enjoys a reputation for unparalleled service to customers. Our service goes beyond just emptying your trash bins. Your household waste is respectfully collected and responsibly transported to the Blue Hill/Surry Transfer Station for disposal. We start early in the morning and don’t quit until all stops are made and trash cans are empty.

“Quality service and customer satisfaction is the number 1 goal! ”

Josh Gray


Dumpsters are the most economical disposal system for high-volume customers. We provide rear-load dumpsters from two to ten yards. Our dumpsters are rinsed with water in the summer months to minimize unpleasant odors and unwelcome “friends”. We can develop a waste removal program that precisely fits your needs and budget. We also offer commercial cardboard recycling for the environmentally-conscious business owner.

“If you want reliable, professional waste removal at fair prices, Blue Hill Disposal is the best”

RG – Blue Hill, Maine – a happy long-term customer